My Statement

Judith Fields
Image As an abstract artist, working in encaustics, mixed media and oil with cold wax, my work focuses on interpretations and perceptions. My personal vision is revealed through layers of subtle textures and marks and images. Each layer reflects a moment in time and, whether visible or not in the finished piece, its influence is very present.

In each artwork, I am hoping to create a harmonic balance, while preserving contradictory elements – light vs dark, order vs chaos, warm vs cool, etc. My goal is to bring all these elements into play and to find that balance of harmonious unity yet still retain an element of tension. The process of layering facilitates this goal, as each new layer brings more unity to the piece, while preserving the authenticity of each part.

Encaustics, which is painting with hot wax, is a very seductive medium due to its scent, its depth, its brilliance of color and its tactile properties. It challenges me because it is not an easy medium to control and sometimes I have to just stand back and see what is developing. Sharing most of those same properties is a medium I have recently embraced, which is oil and cold wax medium, This allows highly textured layered surfaces not unlike the surfaces of encaustics. But whether working with hot wax, cold wax, oils, fragile papers, photographs, watermedia, or many other elements, I am interacting with my work, seeking to express the harmony that came from conflict while honoring both aspects.